Wednesday 4 June 2008

My Son Has Got His Hat On

Hip Hip Hip Hurray

Thank you to Evenspor who helped me to track down a pattern. I didn't use the exact pattern but once I had the basis I could figure out how to do it and it was surprisingly simple I even had enough scraps left over to make it matching his bag

I will try and write up a tutorial or pattern when I get time, BabyEbi is under the weather still and we are all running on empty due to sleepless nights, I doubt if i wrote a tutorial right now it would make much sense!


  1. That's a lovely hat. My Yoshi used to have an apron in a very similar fabric to that....

    My MIL made me a gardening hat along the same lines. Unfortunately as it was a trial model it was made of scraps of really horrible fabric, then she ran out of steam and never made me the denim one she'd planned! Still, it's a very useful hat - I like how it's deep enough that it doesn't fly off in a wind. The brim that goes all the way round is really good against the sun, too. I'm sure Babyebi will get a lot of wear out of that hat!

  2. thanks for the comments. The problem I had was finding a pattern with a brim all the way round that wasn't all frilly for a girl. He has pale skin like me so I want him as shaded from the sun as much as possible but sadly it looks like caps are the things for boys this year.


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