Monday 30 June 2008

of tantrums, paddys and screaming fits

Ohhh yes, this morning was just lovely, we didn't get ANYTHING done, we did have a good 45 minutes of screaming because I asked him to wash his hands after going to the toilet, I think that was paddy number 3 - who knows, and by that point, who cares!
I figured he was tired so I gave him lunch a bit earlier than usually and he fell asleep with a mouthful of scrambled egg, we had a nice long nap and he woke up in a better frame of mind. We went down to the park to meet friends and do a bit of zani-gani fishing (fresh water lobster). I managed to catch three of the critters, not bad for my first try, babyEbi wasn't patient enough, he kept whipping the line out before the zani-gani could even take a bite. He had a good time and I needed the hour or so out of the house so at least the end of the day was better than the start.

On completely a different note...
Did you ever wonder what kind of penguin Pingu is? Well Babyebi studied this the other day and by using his penguin classification cards he decided that Pingu is in fact a King Penguin, so now you know :o)

You still have time to sign up for the Phonics Miniatures Swap, so quick to it....


  1. Jo,
    I just got your package! Everything was great. Thank you so much you just made our day! Josh has been skipping around the house with "Joshua the Space Cadet" (it looks just like him!) since we opened it up. And we already used the tiny picks at lunch!

    Thanks again!

  2. We had that kinda day too (tantrums) But the fishing looks like so much fun!!


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