Saturday 14 June 2008

Stomp Stomp, Roar Roar, here come the Dinosaurs

Yesterday I had a really messy idea. I cut out a pair of dinosaur feet from styrofoam, a bit bigger than Babyebi's feet. Then I straped them to his feet using some elastic, I'm not sure if you can see how I did it from the photo, I made two holes in the dino foot then threaded the elastic through and made a strap over his foot and then put a 2nd strap around the back of his foot. Seemed to work OK.

Then he stood in the paint and went for a walk (on the big piece of brown paper I had rolled out).

After a few attempts he got fed up of the dino feet and went bear foot and then the next minute hands and bums were also involved! Very messy but a lot of fun, hurrah for power hoses, that's all I can say about the clean up :o)

Now I have a really big piece of foot art work and no idea what to do with it.

We did foot painting when he just started walking, around his first birthday, I still have the artwork so I am planning on getting them out so we can compare his feet.
If you are looking for a good dino book, BabyEbi highly recommends Stomp, Chomp, Big Roars! I am sure he knows all of the poems by now.

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  1. Exciting!

    We frequently make large paintings. Once they are dry I store them away until we need wrapping paper, then use the artwork to wrap the present.

  2. OK, I'll bite!

    What I love about your blog is that you have such a rich imagination and you give BabyEbi such a lot of chances and choices in his life. I love seeing what you are doing next, and getting some inspiration from you to be just a bit more involved with my own kids. (And I pinch your ideas shamelessly for my own kindy classes!!)

    Do you look at my blog? If so, please delurk there and leave a comment!


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