Wednesday 18 June 2008

The Wooden Thingy

That is what BabyEbi has named the latest thing I made! It is basically a lump of wood with a load of nails hammered into it. It was funny, we went to the shopping centre the other day and I popped into the ¥100 store to see if they had any suitable wood, they didn't but on my way out there was a flea market and this guy was selling slices of tree, perfect I thought. Of course daddy-ebi gave me that 'What is the crazy woman up to now' look when I rolled up with a big slice of tree. BabyEbi helped me sand it to make sure he doesn't get any splinters and then I drew a basic pattern on the top and knocked some nails in. Paired with a basket of elastic bands and one small child (and one daddy) we have quiet for quite some time. We will also try making patterns with string or yarn and my mom suggested coloured hair bobbles would work well too.
At the moment he puts the bands on in a random fashion but I suspect when he is a bit older he will discover he can make stars, squares, flowers...

And here is his new apron, it is reversible and easy to put on by himself. The neck is elastic so he can just pull it over his head and the strap goes round the back and fastens with velcro. I made this apron to keep in the Montessori room, sometimes he doesn't seem very focused and I noticed that a lot of kids at Montessori schools seem to wear aprons when they are working, I thought it might help put him into the 'work' frame of mind.

We did a bit of window shopping yesterday after my Japanese lesson and I found a bargain, 50 animal cutters for ¥900, of course I couldn't resist so I am sure there will be lots of cute sandwiches and cookies coming out of this house over the next few weeks!

It is Wednesday here but I will do the draw a bit later in the day, I have a squillion and one things to do, most of them involve some kind of cleaning/housework and you know how much I like doing that. So doing the draw later will inspire me to get a wriggle on and actually get something done! So this is the last chance, pop down to post 200 and leave a comment ;o)


  1. Somehow, I sent the last post before I was ready :) So I will attempt to start over. Hope and I were looking at your blog together when she saw Baby Ebi's apron... She was so excited and wanted to know why he was wearing the apron... So I explained that it was like her apron and that we wear our aprons when we are cooking or don't want to get our clothes dirty. I think it gave her something to think about... I love the apron you made... it is adorable... you are SO talented...

  2. I LOVE the apron! And I LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE the idea with the nails and rubber bands in the tree stump. WOW!! Can't wait to try that one!

  3. The wood with nails is an awesome idea. It reminds me of some wooden frames my mom had when we were kids. They were hexagon shaped, with nails every inch all the way around. We spent hours weaving yarn around them to make placemats and hotpads. I don't recall whether they items ever got used, but we sure had fun making them.

  4. I love the wood with nails. It looks so lovely I wish I could make one right now!!
    Lovely aprons too! You have a GREAT blog!

  5. Great idea on the "wooden thingy"! Besides being educational, it's also pretty to look at. Way to go!

  6. I love the "woody thingy"...I will now be on the hunt for our own hunk of wood.

  7. I am definitely making a wood thingy!!! Thanks for the fantastic idea!

  8. My daughter would love this! I need to make one!! Is any particular pattern better for this??? Thanks!


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