Friday 11 July 2008

Bags and Shorts

I made some little bags yesterday to put my phonics miniatures swap things in, they all turned out the same but I tried 3 different methods to make them to see which was the quickest/easiest but they all turned out to be much of a muchness. Now I just have to get the things into an envelope and off to the post office - that is my biggest challenge, we used to live just around the corner from the post office but since we moved it is a bike ride away and it's not on the way to anywhere so it requires a special trip! Plus it is closed at the weekend, how silly. So, swappers who have me as a partner, I will be sending them soon, honest ;o)

I also made BabyEbi a couple of pairs of shorts, the first were a test pair since I made the pattern myself, they would have fit fine if I hadn't sewn the legs together instead of the crotch duh! easy mistake with the shorts since the crotch and legs are about the same length. The second attempt I got right and then I made some using some of my 'nice' fabric, I'm not sure if you can tell but the pattern is lions. They are easy to do and I kind of followed the instructions on here. I say kind of because I seem to have a complete inability to follow instructions properly.

Anyway, the turned out OK so we will definitely be making more of these, in fact a certain little someone has already put his order in, picking out the fabric he likes! Then come winter he will be sporting funky winter pants :o)

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