Thursday 17 July 2008

A lovely day out.....

My friend kym invited me out with some of her crafting friends today. First we went to a beautiful house, the owners husband is an architect and it shows! The house has been featured in a Japanese interiors magazine, I wish we could have had a poke around the whole place - I am nosy like that :o) At the back of the house is an office space so some crafters had got their goods up for sale, there were quite a few of us and I had BabyEbi to contend with too but I managed to take a few photos, I know Japanese craft books are really popular overseas so I though you might want to have a look at some in real life, as it were....

How cute are these little purses?
BabyEbi took a shine to these ones...
I love the way these push pins and presented, cute idea
These pins looked to be quite popular

Once we had finished looking at all the crafty goodness we went into the main house, one of the ladies wants to open her own cafe so we were treated to some delicious ice-creamy snack, sadly I had to share mine with BabyEbi! There were a group of women taking a class on how to make ceramic pendents, looked like great fun and I was itching to get in there!

This is the living room, not very Japanesey, it is funny how many of the women look at European or American country homes type of books for inspiration whereas many non-Japanese use Japanese craft/design books to inspire them.

This is the walk way to the office space, so damn cute.

After all that we went to an Italian place for lunch, I have only been there once before but it is really good and the building is very 'arty' too. We had the private room and had a good chat, one of the ladies, Yoshiko spoke excellent English and has travelled quite a bit so she kept us amused with her stories and Kazuho, who was the driver for the day, had the cutest outfit on that she had made herself, I kept trying to work out the pattern! She has a blog too moon, obviously it is all in Japanese but there are some nice pictures up if you are interested. It was a real change to have this sort of day out, it was pretty boring for BabyEbi but he did have lots of women 'kawaii-ing' him so that should make up for it LOL.

kawaii = cute


  1. Sounds like a lovely day! What are the tiny cups and whatever is beside them on the floor in the photo of the living room?

  2. the cups were a guide for the colour glazes that the people in the class would be using on their pendants (we asked the same thing!)


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