Saturday 5 July 2008

The Metal Insets - revisited

Babyebi used to love the metal insets but he hasn't touched them for quite some time. Yesterday he got them out and it was the only thing he worked with all morning, I had to review some of the shape names with him and I showed him how to make more complicated patterns by turning the inset around.

tracing his finger around the edge of the shape

drawing, he still finds it difficult to use the middle bit to draw around.

one of his designs - the paper is a bit crumpled because he likes to fold the paper when he has finished, I have no idea why.

and of course he has to add a face, everything needs a face these days ;o)

I bought him some decent coloured pencils to use with the insets, I found his usual, cheapo pencils have really hard lead so he had a hard time producing a drawing, the soft lead pencil make such a difference. The same goes for his writing basket, I put 4B pencils in there so that he doesn't have to press so hard and so can feel the movement of the letters.

This is my favourite babyebi picture at the moment, 'Happy Ant' and I think it might have to become a new T-shirt


  1. Love the ant! How old is this handsome young man? I ask because inside tracing (using the pink bit)precedes outside tracing (using the blue part) developmentally by quite a bit. Frankly, given a choice I still prefer inside tracing (sorry- can't remember the technical term for this) myself--much more efficient!

  2. He will be 3 at the end of the month. he can use the pink parts to trace around quite well now but the blue parts are still too tricky. he does use the blue parts to trace around with his finger and he does give it a go with his pencil sometimes.


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