Monday 21 July 2008

muffin tin Monday

Sycamore stirrings threw out the challenge for a rainbow muffin tin dinner this week. Although I was tempted to get the food colouring out and go OTT with the rainbow theme, I decided a natural approach would be better really.

Row 1 L-R
Red -tomatoes
Red (ish) - watermelon
Yellow - pasta
Yellow - cheese

Row 2 L-R
Pink - ham
Green - eda mame
Green - cucumber
Purple - beetroot

Row 3 L-R
Purple - grapes
Orange - pumpkin
Orange (ish) - cracker
Blue - frozen blueberries and cream

The ham went first, followed by the blueberries the the rest of the fruit and veg, cheese was left until last.

When I eat a meal I tend to save some of whatever my favourite part of the meal is until last, DaddyEbi on the other hand eats his favourite first and leave his least favourite until last, his reason for this is, that if there is an earthquake, he will have at least, eaten the best part of the meal!

How about you, what do you leave until last?


  1. Oh absolutely favorite last. Unless there is overabundance and a chance of not being able to clean my plate or being too full to appreciate.

  2. I tend to eat whatever I dislike last...bad habit, as you sometimes get full before you get to the best part, but if not, it's way too easy to skip the veggies! :)

    Now when I eat french fries, I always pick out the best ones and eat those first...crazy...that's me!

  3. I try to mix it up...but my last bite is my fav so I can savor it =
    nice muffin tin rainbow choices!

  4. if there is hot and cold i eat the hot first.....if it is a matter of like and don't like as much, i get the second out of the way and savor the best for last!
    love the muffin tin idea...if i can find them cheap, i'll try this with my daycare kids, thanks!

  5. what a beautiful muffin tin and picture. you have a great eye!


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