Monday 18 August 2008

did you miss me?

Sorry it has been a bit thin on posts this last week, we were actually down at the in-laws for Obon, the posts that came up I wrote before we left. Jii-chan has a laptop but it is soo s-l-o-w I only check my email and that is it.

Thank you for all your lovely comments, if you have asked a question I try and answer it in the comments, so check back if you did ask me something.

Thank you to A from Adventures of a Montessori Mama for nominating me again for a blog award, I will draw up another list of great blogs later in the week. I am still in a tiz, the house looks like a bomb has hit it, I have only half unpacked from the trip and I have friends arriving sometime tomorrow. Actually, the friend is my first ever student, I lived in with her family in Italy back in 1991 as a private tutor, her family were great and treating me as one of them and we have kept in touch ever since, we have only met up a couple of times since, the last time her and her brother came over for my wedding party in the UK.

I also want to thank Teresa for putting me on to square foot gardening, I ordered the book and have had my nose stuck in it ever since we got back (hence the lack of un-packing!). It looks exactly what I want, so, on my to do list for today is to measure the garden and see how many square feet we have to play with.

I did manage a tinsy-winsy bit of crafting when we were away, not as much as I hoped, I took a pile of felt with me and made...
a fried egg
egg sushi
and strawberries
I also made a lovely ice-cream, too lovely since Seiko-san fell in love with it so I gave it away, now I will have to make another one!


  1. These are so adorable- are they made from felt?

  2. yes, but I recommend buying decent felt, I tried using the cheap ¥100 stuff and it all went bobbly.

  3. OH... I wanted to take on a small task of some type of sewing... = ) (because I can't sew a button to save my life)...

    (I'm Strawberry Loves Chocolate) BTW = ) lol hehehe

  4. >(I'm Strawberry Loves Chocolate) BTW = ) lol hehehe

    I figured as much.

    sewing with felt is really easy and you always end up with something cute!

  5. Thanks for the mention Jo :)
    Your felt food is adorable! I was working on felt fish for a fishing game this week while we were away - but I was blanket stitching & now seeing your gorgeous morsels I wish I had attempted something subtle. Divine!


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