Tuesday 12 August 2008

the Flickr meme

I have seen this bouncing around so I thought I would play along

Try it yourself with the Mosaic Maker

1. speckles--for Jo Ann on her birthday, 2. Yorkshire puds.jpg, 3. Biddulph Grange - Down the Path, 4. Orange as any orange on a tree, 5. Johnny Depp, 6. Pink Gin?, 7. Uzbekistan Silk Route Camel caravan, 8. Blackberry and Apple Crumble, 9. Unconventional Wisdumb..., 10. Family Portrait, 11. "Creative Hands" - Mindy, 12. new door needs a new wreath

The concept:
a. Type your answer to each of the questions below into Flickr Search.
b. Using only the first page, pick an image.
c. Copy and paste each of the URLs for the images into fd's mosaic maker.

The Questions:
1. What is your first name? jo
2. What is your favorite food? roast beef and yorkshire puds
3. What high school did you go to? biddulph
4. What is your favorite color? orange
5. Who is your celebrity crush? Johnny Depp
6. Favorite drink? pink gin
7. Dream vacation? silk route
8. Favorite dessert? blackberry and apple crumble
9. What you want to be when you grow up? unconventional
10. What do you love most in life? family
11. One Word to describe you? creative
12. Your flickr name? jojoebi

1 comment:

  1. How fun! I did this with my two oldest children and have been meaning to do it myself. Maybe this is the motivation I need :)


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