Wednesday 27 August 2008

gifts from Gaia

It has been constantly raining for days, actually this morning is the first time I have seen sun since obon! We didn't make it to the fireworks festival the other day due to the rain and because I don't drive it means we have been house bound for what seems like for ever!
Ebi-kun has been keeping busy though, my friend Gaia works as an art director at cartoon Network so she bought Ebi-kun a load of goodies which included a pencil sharperer, he sat quietly for about half an hour just sharpening all his pencils, even the ones that didn't need it. Great activity, I am going to go and break all the leads in a minute, so he can do it again - hahaha just kidding.
Gaia also bought some socks which had this card foot inside so Ebi-kun covered it in pieces of gel, it looked quite effective when it was done, not sure what we are going to do with it now.
She also gave us, as a family this cool picture frame. The outside of the frame is made up of a colouring block so you can peel off the top layer and create a new frame whenever you are bored. Ebi-kun is testing it out here but I am thinking it would be great to have a season frame and decorate it depending on the occasion.
Yesterday I think we were both going a bit stir crazy so when a friend called to see if we wanted to go and play we jumped at the chance - I had planned to ask her and the kids over to ours but by that point I was NEEDING to get out for a bit. The kids had fun and we had chance to catch up but when we came home Ebi-kun sobbed all through is dinner "I'm so000 tired", the drawback of missing afternoon nap!

Well, I have got some exciting things in the works, if I ever get 10 minutes to myself to get organised! I am hoping to share with you before the end of the month (then I get another load of boring proof reading to wade through, good-bye spare time!), so watch this space and if you are still trying to decide whether to sign up for the swap, stop dithering and send me an email :o)

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  1. we too going a bit crazy being in the house for the whole with a baby is a big NO NO to go anywhere if its raining so today we spent the whole day OUT!hahaha..hafiy too missed his afternoon nap but he sleep early today which is quite a relief to me!


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