Thursday 21 August 2008

Good bye PL shelf

and hello art shelf.
The practical life shelf hasn't been getting much use, in fact gathering dust is what it was doing. Now Ebi-kun is big enough to get things out the the draws/cupboard himself so I don't need his snack things set up on the shelf like I had before. He doesn't show much interest in PL activities unless we are doing them in real life so I gave up with most of them, he still has a couple on the shelf upstairs but he gets plenty of real life PL practice!
So, I decided to put all his art supplies in one place as it was getting a bit out of hand.
The top shelf has a box with all the paints in, a jar of brushes, a pouring jug with droppers/stirrers and then buckets of pens, pencils etc.
The second shelf has colour mixing jars, water tub and palette and a box of goodies for stamping and the bottom shelf has his playdoh tub and a bag of bits for collage. 
The green bag is actually the mystery bag, I decided to keep it there because we still use it. 
I found this little buckets in the ¥100 shop, I LOVE them, I could have bought one in every colour but alas we don't have the space. One is filled with pens, one with crayons, one with pencils and then a bucket with things like glue sticks, erasers, pencil sharpener, rulers etc.
The brown paper shoved down the side of the shelf is what we use on the counter top to protect it from paint spills, cheap and effective!
What about paper? well we have a draw full of it, which is part of the reason why everything was getting out of control, we could no longer fit the pencil bag in the draw, I like this system so much better.


  1. I love those little buckets! They look metal, are they? I've been looking for a long time for a pink bucket for my cloth washing activity, but, no luck so far!

  2. yes, they are metal, the handles are not too strong and a bit wonky but I love them anyway! I have been wrecking my brain to see what else I could possible use them for hahaha

  3. I love those buckets too :) I found them at Target for $1 -USA-

  4. Could you share with me how you use his ice cube tray palette? I was thinking of using tempera paint and leaving a little in there so it is always ready. I think if I keep it in a bag the paint wouldn't dry out. I thought I would check what you do since yours seems to be working so well. :) Tracy

  5. the ice-cube tray...we just use as a mini palette for putting in paint and mixing. I haven't found big tubs of paint here so we end up getting little tubes and Ebi-kun isn't very good at getting the paint out so I just squirt a bit in the ice cube tray for him.


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