Sunday 31 August 2008

Last chance....

to sign up for the Culture Swap.

We have a good mix of cultures in the bag, come on, join the fun!

And on another note, thank you for all your sweet comments on the last post, I know that he really needs to go for the social aspect, it's just hard to let them go isn't it. Mind you, the way he has been behaving the last couple of days, he should think himself lucky that I haven't got his signed up for boarding school starting tomorrow! :O)

We went to a friends 3rd birthday party and 3 of the boys - my horror of a child included, spent the whole time trying to beat each other up! Quite odd, because they are not usually like that, hubby's theory was that they were releasing pent up energy since they have been stuck inside most of the week. We have been having the strangest weather and the biggest thunderstorms I have ever experienced. So, maybe the weather is to blame for my son becoming a demon child, lets hope we have a change of weather soon...

OK, I am off to finish work on my project which, with a bit of luck I will reveal tomorrow, want a hint?

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