Monday 4 August 2008

My name is Jo and I am an addict....

and I blame Laura. It started innocently enough with a nice doughnut...

Then I thought, Ebi-kun would really like an onigiri
and before I knew there was a carrot on the plate too
and then eda-mame, 
it has to stop, I have to get some work done, just one more...
an ebi-fry (ebi is shrimp in Japanese), it needs some texture to make it more fry like, I haven't decided how to go about that bit yet.

I didn't have any patterns for this food, I just made it up as I went along and I am pretty happy with the results. I bought some wool blend felt instead of using the cheap acrylic stuff and it sews much better. So, if I don't get anything productive done over the next few days but wind up with a big pile of inediable food, it's all Laura's fault!
*I also bought some freezer paper and paints, guess what my next addiction will be?*


  1. Ha! They're great. I also bought some paint and freezer paper, which I could only find in gigantic roles.

  2. Hey...........glad I could help fuel a new addiction for you. At least it is relatively harmless as addictions go. Your food looks awesome! I love it all, especially the carrot. I've been wanting to do some vegetables next. I am currently making another felt pizza for my big boy's upcoming birthday. We gave the other one away when we visited friends a few weeks ago, and he really liked it. So........fellow felt addicts..........UNITE!!
    PS: I am still thinking about organizing a felt food swap, but now that the beginning of school is approaching, we'll have to see.
    Take care!

  3. absolutely too-cute for words! Love them...just wanna eat them up - well, almost.

    Yes - the freezer paper is addicting. It's so fun and satisfying. Can't wait to see your next creation.

  4. Fantastic! I love the donut, and I need to make a few carrots like that :) I also want to try freezer paper stenciling, but I can't find freezer paper anywhere!!!

  5. I hunted high and low for the freezer paper, even had my mom back in the UK looking for it. I eventually found some in the fabric store! For the amount of paper in the pack it was expensive, I hoping to get a roll (assuming that is how it is sold) but ended up with just a sheet :o(

  6. I love making felt food too... I went through a complete felt food craze where I couldn't get enough felt or time. It was so much fun to create all kinds of foods. I loved it... Very cute work:)


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