Saturday 23 August 2008


Since I re-organised the art shelf Ebi-kun has taken an interest in painting again. I wanted to add the link for this activity but I can't find it! If anyone knows which blog I saw it on please leave me a comment.
Here is the link
Basically, take a piece of paper and fold it in half, paint a vase on the bottom and petals on the top part of the paper, join the two together with stems. I wasn't sure if he would be interested but he loved it and wanted to do more and more.
This is the first one, I helped with this one.
some of the finished masterpieces
done with flowers he started mixing different shades of brown!
then had fun with some scrap paper, a mornings worth of activity!
Then yesterday, he asked to do painting again, he said he wanted to paint more flowers! This time I got his art cards out and showed him Van Gogh's Sunflowers, he anounced that he could paint that.... (I helped him mix the colours then left him to it)
you can see the art card just to the right of the picture
Sunflowers by Vincent Van Ebi-Kun! I think this one is going on the wall.
Whilst the artist was at work, I had chance to whip up these little zippered pouches for Gaia and Charlie (Charlie is a girl by the way!)
I used the pattern in Bend The Rules Sewing book but found putting the lining in by hand a real pain, there must be a way to machine sew it in, I haven't figured out how yet!
We have the local town festival and fireworks today but the weather is looking a bit grim, I hope it clears up later, or at least the rain holds off.

And there is still time to sign up for the culture swap!


  1. I was just on that blog! Here's the link:

  2. I LOVE his painting! He is so talented :)

  3. Wow, he is so talented. My almost 5 year old can't paint even one of those flowers!

  4. Love the paintings. I think Ebi-kun will be a natural artist. Thanks for the link, too. I'll be copying ideas from that blog.


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