Monday 8 September 2008

and now for something completely different....

Saturday we went for a big shop at the home centre, they are refurbishing soon so there was 20% off everything - super! So, we got everything we needed to start our SFG (square foot garden). Now, when we planned the back yard I knew nothing of SFG, in fact it was on of my blog readers who put me on to it, thank you! So we don't have the space to do the traditional 4x4 garden, not to be put off I designed it so in  the back yard we would have a 2x5 box, 3x3 box, 2x2 box and a single box which would give us room to get to all the squares too. 
So this is what it looked like at 8.30am yesterday
Daddy Ebi cut the wood and build the boxes whilst I dug over the soil to remove any weeds and flatten it all out, Then, I put the anti weed growing stuff down (the black stuff you can see) and painted the boxes, with the help of Ebi-kun (don't be fooled, he only did about one third of the side of that box then gave up). My painting skills were rather Jackson Pollock like, mainly due to it being SO hot and I just wanted to get it done.
Then, daddy ebi carried on making the boxes for the front garden - erm, patch is more accurate, so I started to mix up Mel's mix, which, I can tell you was back breaking work. I was so happy when daddy ebi had finished the boxes and offered to take over so I could go and paint the front boxes.
By 4.00pm the weather had changed and the biggest blackest cloud was hovering above us so we went into 'super fast mode' to try and get it all done, I tipped out most of the stone bags - another back killing job then I gave up  but daddy ebi kept mixing up the compost mix until the last second, which is when he had to finish because he ran out of peat moss.
Is is a little boy or is it a sunflower in the front garden?
So, by the end of the day we were almost done, we have some more of Mel's mix to make and then need to put the grids on top of the boxes and the we are ready to plant seeds - yippee. The home centre had autumn seeds out so we got carrots, both red and orange, turnips, spinach, chives, pansies, violas and erm something else!

Today my back is killing me, the reason why I don't do gardening LOL. At least we only have to do the hard stuff once - according to the book anyway.

If I manage to get all the housework done today I plan to do a bit of sewing, a new idea for my shop and I hope to add some more bento bags sometime today too...



  1. Every year I think I'm going to garden and then the 1st day where I have to do all the shoveling, weeding, and ect. I remember why my garden is always dead in a month...I have no green thumb! I don't mind gardening in the Spring and Autumn but I really dislike being a dirty when I'm hot. Do you normally garden?

  2. Looks cool. I look forward to seeing how well your garden does.

  3. I am no gardener, so this is a big thing for me, I am hoping that it is really as easy as it sounds in the book!
    watch this space :o)

  4. That looks great! I know what I'll be showing dh... Can't wait to see what you plant!


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