Friday 5 September 2008

toothbrush painting

Since I re-organised the art shelf Ebi-kun has taken a bigger interest in painting again. Yesterday he wanted to do painting so I helped him set up but instead of getting the paintbrushes out he got out a plastic fork and some old toothbrushes. He really enjoyed trying to paint with the toothbrush, here he is painting on of his current favourite subjects, a robot.

He has a go with the fork too but wasn't so impressed.
And here is 'happy monster' He tried to write monster at the bottom of the page, according to Ebi-kun the big loopy bit below the monsters head is his intestines and the orange blob is where the poo comes out! LOL. We have had poo issues the last few weeks, he has been holding onto it which results in constipation and a trip to the hospital in the middle of the night! So we have had a lot of poo talk and explanations on the making of poo and I am happy to report that the situation seems to be getting better (I think the bribe of a small present when he actually uses the toilet is helping too)
Enough of the poo talk, I went for my Japanese lesson the other day and my teacher Hosaka-san, gave us a present, she had just returned for Turkey so I had asked her to bring something for Ebi-kuns culture shelf. We got two 'eye' keyrings, I already have one of these eyes that ward away evil from when I did my stint in Israel, it is cool to have one for his shelf too. She also gave us a woven book mark and some Tang, a powdered drink mix, yum.


  1. so with all the cut up bits of paper in the house, are collages going to be the next big ebi-kun thing?


  2. I tried but only about 2 bits made to the big paper !

  3. heeeeeeeeey, i couldn't believe my eyes when i see some turkish stuff in your photos and i enlarged it and looked again. yesss, they are sooo turkish but i have non of them in my house:)best wishes from Turkey...

  4. du "TANG"
    souvenir souvenir... on en trouve plus en France, pffffffff


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