Monday 20 October 2008

fun weekend

We had a nice relaxing weekend, the weather was lovely and we managed to finish off a few odds and end, such as the garden fence.
Saturday we went to Kitamoto childrens park, we have been once before, we actually got lost looking for the nature reserve, this park is kind of round the back of the reserve. The park isn't very big but there are plenty of fun things for the kids to do, this bounce mountain is at the top of the list...
I love the warning sign that goes with it, number 6 is a bit confusing though - I though it was made for jumping on! (you might have to click on the picture to read it, it is bilingual)

We found a number of bugs including this friendly grasshopper. Ebi-kun doesn't mind things like this but if he sees a beetle he jumps a mile, ladybirds are OK though.

Sunday we went to a different park for a friends birthday picnic, it did look like the heavens were going open on us for a while but positive thoughts sent the rain clouds away. One of the dads in the group has started English football club in Yono and bought his gear along with him so they tried to organise a game, quite amusing since the little kids just want to kick the ball, not really caring where, but the older lads actually wanted to play, Ebi-kun might even make it as the next Beckham.... if he ever figures the rules out :o)
If anyone in the Saitama area wants to join the football club you can contact Dave through his website here for more information.
The square foot garden is doing well but the brussel sprouts are been attacked by catterpillars, does anyone have any organic ways of getting rid of the little critters - other than me picking them off every morning!

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  1. I'm afraid picking them off really is the best way. :( Nasty, isn't it? I've tried various chilli oil/ diluted soap/ garlic oil mixtures with some success and my neighbour swears by spraying with water that has had a cigarette steeped in it but noone here smokes so I haven't tried that.

    Good luck!


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