Tuesday 14 October 2008

urghhh another long night

Ebi-kun woke up with a nose bleed at 1.30am so I ended up sleeping in with him, well I say sleeping, everytime I was about to drop off he would get up again with his nose. Then when he eventually dropped off, the mossies came out on a mission to eat me alive. Very little sleep was had all night.
Anyway, I saw this activity over on Laura's blog and thought we would give it a go. There are two sets of pictures, one large and one tiny. The idea is that the child uses the magnifying glass to identify the object and match the cards. This is where it all went pear-shaped. Ebi-kun laid out the big pictures then picked up a small one and announced it was a truck, before even picking up the magnifying glass! He basically did that with all the cards.

I did get him to use the magnifying glass to check his work. I was really hoping this would work, I had all kinds of themes going on in my head for it! Oh Well.
And now for something completely different...
I am running a couple of felt brooch making workshops next week at my friend Kym's shop. Thursday the 30th, there are two classes so far 11.30 ~ 12.30pm and 1.00 ~ 2.00pm, the class costs ¥1000 and includes all materials plus tea and cake.
If you are in the area (Hasuda) and are interested in joining please drop me a line at 
montessori.swapshop at gmail dot com.
There is a possibility of a 2nd day being added but it hasn't been confirmed yet.

Finally - I hope everyone who has signed up for the culture swap has sent their packs out. If you are one of the swappers and you have either blogged / posted pictures on Flickr please send me the links, I would love to see what everyone has been sending - I am nosey like that! (get it from my mother!)
Of course, I sent mine then realised I forgot to take any pictures.


  1. I have sent out mine early this month and received one. I don't know whether they received mine or not because no news from anybody yet. I shall blog about it very soon but I wanted them to have it first or else I'll spoil the surprise!

    Oh by the way, i love the magnifying activity!Shall try it soon!

  2. The silver lining is that Ebi-kun seems to have excellent eyesight.

  3. Mine are both sent out, and we've received one of two (the one within the US). I hope to do a post in the near future....

    Thanks again for hosting the swap.


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