Wednesday 15 October 2008

World fair

The town we used to live in had it's annual world fair at the weekend. We missed it last year because we arrived back from England the same day. It is a nice event, outside they have food stores representing different parts of the world, we had Republic of Congo fried bananas and samosas, sausages and chicken from Peru, Indonisian curry, Russian fried thing (very nice but I have no idea what it was) and some Russian sweets and mango juice from philippines. Daddy-ebi also got some HOT curry but I can't remember where he bought it from.
Inside there are lots of culture stores set up, some are better than others, you can tell the ones that have done it before. This was the Iranian stand, the ladies were lovely and tried to teach Ebi-kun how to play this instrument, of course they told me the name and I promptly forgot!
In Cambodia he got to tinker a bit more....
Taiwan had these cute little dragonflies that sit on the end of your finger, they went down well.
And as I sipped on an Irish coffee the boy took a big stick and ball to play with! Personally, I thought this was a bit daft to have inside, at least we left with the room still intact.
They also have dancing and various acts going on down on the stage but Ebi-kun was really tired and daddy-ebi was nursing a hang-over so we ended up leaving fairly soon.

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  1. HI~
    World fair...that looks so much fun for kids! I wish that we have more event like that in Colorado. I remember the little fun things for kids in from old time. They are so much funner than the toys made now. anyway..i have a question to ask you. when you baby was little what actives did you do with him and what toys did you make or buy for him? Thanks~


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