Tuesday 18 November 2008

10 years ago today....

Yep, it has been 10 years since I first set foot in Japan, I haven't lived here for 10 years though, me and hubby-to-be spent a year in South America, so really I have been here nearly nine years. Still, I feel like celebrating - any excuse for a party, instead though, I will be going to my Japanese lesson and still not getting verbs! Really, languages are not my forte!

Here are a couple more presents, the kitchen apron and hat are a bit big for Ebi-kun but should fit his cousin, who goes to bed every night with a Gorden Ramsey cookbook! I made up the pattern for the hat, turned out OK, the first one I made needed a bit of tweaking but I really like how this one turned out. Maybe I should make some sets for the shop.
And, I can't tell you more about this because I know the person it is going to reads this. I did make the biased binding for this though, what a faff! I will only be making special biased binding for special, small projects in future!
I am working on my nanna's present now, I want to make some more snowballs but I am out of white felt and I haven't even started on my mom's yet. What's the panic? Well, living in Japan means that I have to get everything mailed out super early. From past experience, I need to get them sent off by the start of December to be sure they will arrive on time. Better get back to it, well making bento and getting organised for Japanese class.

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  1. What an adorable little chef set!You definitely should make some sets for your shoppe!

    I'm getting busy into my holiday crafting too! Time just whirls in so fast and by the time you know it it's Christmas!

    Happy crafting!


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