Friday 7 November 2008

A full day

We had a really productive day yesterday, using my new chores sheet is really helping, I managed to get all my jobs done by 9.30am, so we went to water the garden before snack time and then we did 2 hours of Montessori work. The other day I saw these puzzle cards in the ¥100 shop but when we got home, Ebi-kun managed to put them together, not by matching the word and picture but by using the colour border as a clue (obviously the designer had never taught kids!) Not to be put off, I printed some 3 letter words and matching pictures onto sticker paper and stuck them on the back. First time round he did it quite quickly by picking a word card, reading it then matching it with the picture.

The second time he had the word cards and I gave him the pictures one at a time. This meant he needed to find the correct word which was a bit more challenging - especially since as I did things like use words such as cat and cot!
Then we played a game, I have several variations of this from my teaching days. Still using 3 letter words and  a few sight words, I laid out a 'track' some were pictures, some were words.
The rules are simple, roll a dice to move your piece (trucks in our case) if you land on a word, you read it, if you land on a picture, you write it out (or spell it out loud). First one to the end is the winner. You can make it more difficult by using harder words or add forfeits etc. It is an easy and portable game.
Next he picked the car parking game, he hasn't done this for a few weeks but this time he got it all right, first time, he was so excited to have got it right, he did it again.
Then we did some number tracing. I never got round to making the sandpaper numbers, he is not especially interested in the letters so I have never really bothered about it. We used corn flour in the tray, not the best choice, live and learn as they say.
Finally we got out the gold beads for the first presentation, he has been wanting to get these out since I put them on the shelf but I told him he needed to know his numerals first. Of course he wanted to do more than the first presentation but the rest of the gold material is still packed up in the cupboard....guess what I will be doing today?
He decided to take a nap in the afternoon so I managed to get the Snow Child kits finished and photographed and made some Christmas themed buttons. When he woke up he painted a bit more of his bird house and I did a bit more of my box, these seem to be long ongoing projects, I will show you them soon(ish). Then last night, I sat up until about 10.30pm putting everything up on Esty, this is LATE for me, I am so much more a morning person, but at least I went to bed a happy lassie after getting so much done.


  1. Sounds like you nailed that work/ life balance you were worried about the other day! Hope today is just as successful for you both.

  2. Sounds like you nailed that work/ life balance you were worried about the other day! Hope today is just as successful for you both.

  3. Yay! Hope all days are that productive :) [And then you can share the secrets for getting everything done with us ;0 ]


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