Friday 19 December 2008

Can you smell that?

Freshly baked bread, now that is what I need to wake up to :o)
Hubby actually made it last night and put it on the timer and the whole house smelt so good when we woke up. It was very much white fluffy bread, tasted better than the supermarket stuff but I would like something a bit healthier, I think we will be doing a lot of experimenting. Yesterday my 'Japanese mom' - A lovely Japanese lady who was my student and kind of adopted me, sent me a box of posh juices and jams, so I just had to have some on my bread this morning...

Thank you for the birthday wishes and bread making tips. For those who asked, the machine is a National SD-BM101, I will have a google later and see if I can find an English version of the manual. Otherwise hubby is going to have a busy weekend translating! He is a designer/engineer and works for a company that makes industrial mixing machines for cakes and bread so at least he already knows all the lingo. His first job at this company was to design a machine that cut the top off strawberries!

Yesterday was a long day, Kym picked us up then we picked her little boy up from kindy and we headed to the mall, we went for lunch first before hitting the shops. The boys were wild, we tried to disown them but it is difficult when your son doesn't look very Japanese and neither do you LOL. 
The main part of the fabric sale was finished, I did manage to pick up a couple of bits, I wanted something cheap because I want to try and make some clothes but don't want to use my nice stuff in case I cock it up! Then we went to the toy shop so the kids could have a play, there are always plenty of toys out, so we spent quite a time in there. I must say, there was nothing in there that I really wanted to buy, the only thing I did get was a cute cutting practice book. We had a bit of a mooch around the shops and got some groceries and then it was time to go. we got back at 6.30pm, Ebi-kun missed dinner time, he usually eats about 5.30pm so it was a quick dinner, into the bath and bed. He was shattered after all that chasing around and rolling on the floor, it was a lovely day but next time I think we should leave the kids at home!
My best mate sent me a stamp engraving tool set, so guess what I am going to be doing today? That and making more gingerbread men.


  1. i have that exact same model!! i make my pizza dough with it.

    the basic recipe is:

    250 grams flour
    10 grams butter (i get pre-cut butter)
    2 tablespoons sugar
    1 tablespoon powdered milk
    1 teaspoon salt
    1 teaspoon yeast

    180 mL water

    so, i skip the milk (don't have that in my house) but almost always add raisins (if you can't read that setting, get your husband to teach you that one. my kids love raisins). i think you can use that raisin setting for anything you're putting in the bread (dried fruit, dry salami, nuts...)

    for whole wheat or rye flours, i put in about 100 grams of that, 180 of white, and i don't have to adjust anything else and the bread is just fine (only a little bit more dense). also, i often add a few shakes of ground cinnamon whenever i make raisin wheat bread.

    i actually want to try to make udon. i would make pasta, except i can't find any pasta making flour...*sigh*

  2. whoops! i mean i add 150 of white flour, so the total is 250. sorry!


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