Saturday 13 December 2008

the fancy cafe

The other day my friend Kym emailed me and asked if I would like to go to her friends 'Alice in Wonderland Cafe event',  I said yes, sounded good to me. So, yesterday she picked me and Ebi-kun up and we drove over to the place. It wasn't a cafe at all it was the house where the lady lived which she converts into a cafe twice a year! Quite a strange concept for me to get my head round. Outside her and her friends had set up a couple of tables with handmade goods, there were some wreaths, clothes and lovely smelling soap. I wish I had taken my camera so I could have shown you instead of trying to explain. We had an 11am reservation but it was a bit chaotic so we didn't get in until 11.30am. We went into the LDK (one big room which serves and the Living, Dining and Kitchen) when I say big I mean Japanese big! In general Japanese homes are quite compact which made the cafe idea even more odd. We were seated on the sofa with a wonky table, which reminded me of home, the decor was very European and she had a number of European style painting on the wall. 
The menu was:
All came with a choice of tea.
Ebi-kun went for the Christmas pud, I had victoria sandwich and Kym had the madeira but we ended up sharing them all. Mine was lovely and the jam was good too, the xmas pud was a good attempt since getting hold of all the ingredients in Japan is really hard. There wasn't really enough fruit in it but it tasted good, the lady in charge (I have forgotten her name) was happy to get the thumbs up from a real live English woman LOL.
Once we had finished we were ushered out so the next lot could come in, it was a lovely albeit odd experience.

On a completely different note, if you are a Montessorian and in North America, Laura has a great deal going on over on her blog.

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