Sunday 28 December 2008

It's over

well not quite, we have another party today :o).
How was your Christmas?
We had a lovely day, my cousin, who is a JET came up from Ishikawa again (she came last year too), so it was a family event, we also chatted with family via Skype so it wasn't too lonely :o).
When it comes to presents, we have a tradition so that the youngest member picks a present from under the tree and gives it to who it is labelled for (if you pick your own, you have to put it back). Once the present has been opened, the next youngest picks one and so on. Even though it was just the four of us, the present opening went on all day. Ebi-kun likes to play/examine each item properly before moving onto the next one. Cousin Kirsty got him a kids sized baseball mitt and ball, he is quite the pitcher, needs to work  on the catching!

We got him, My Daddy is a Pretzel book and here they are, practicing their yoga

For lunch we had the full turkey dinner, now, for most people buying turkey dinner means popping down to the local supermarket but for me, I ordered the turkey on-line at the start of the month, along with the brussel sprouts (the ones in the garden were just not big enough!), cranberry sauce I got in Omiya, a 30 minute train ride away, the Christmas pud was made by a friend but usually I buy that in Omiya too but I do buy the rest of the veg in the local shop! I have to roast the turkey the 24th because I can't fit the bird and veg in my oven at once. We had lots of roasted potato and sweet potato, all went to plan and I managed to get everything on the table without a hiccup :o)
We (the adults) had pink champayne snd Ebi-kun had some kids champers, he doesn't drink pop (soda) normally  this was he thought of it......

After lunch we started on the presents again, he loved his surgeons outfit and refused to take it off for the rest of the day. It all came together in the end, the hat was the trickiest part and I had cut the top a bit on the small side so instead of making it a pull on top I cut it up the back and put a tie on it instead, he will only answer to Dr Ebi-kun now LOL.

and his final present was the one for weeks he has been asking for. A Japanese Encyclopedia! This is the only thing he REALLY wanted and was so happy when he opened it. When it came to bed time he wanted daddy to read his books and the book of choice.... you guessed it!
This is the strangest thing for a three year old to ask for, it is not a wee kids book, but when we go to my Japanese lesson this is the book he gets out and reads for an hour or so. This is one of his favourite pages....
We are not going to the in-laws this new year so I have no idea what we are going to be doing. I already have a a to-do list which includes making Christmas stockings, I never got round it again, so Ebi-kun had to use last years crappy store bought one again (I did the same this last year), so my first job the new year is to make stockings for next Christmas!


  1. That surgeon outfit is gorgeous! And Esme is the same with gifts - she has to check each one out thoroughly before moving on to the next. I love it... though I still haven't gotten her to say thank you to the giver after opening them.

  2. Looks like you had a lot of fun - baby ebi looks adorable in the surgeon outfit! we celebrated christmas this year - the first time my son got to really participate in the festivities - and he loved helping paint newspaper that we used to wrap the gifts up.
    And there's a christmas/new year's gift for you, waiting on my blog:


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