Friday 5 December 2008

A Ladies Lunch

Yesterday, I had a few friends round for coffee and lunch. It was a great day, lots of chatting and laughing. Everyone bought something with them so we had...vegan carrot and leek soup made by myself, freshly baked corn bread, chicken, rice balls, a lovely chestnut cream roll and Christmas Pudding - ohhh how good! Nor and Tami hadn't seen the Christmas pud before so of course we had to pour over brandy and set fire to it, purely as a cultural lesson of course ;o). I also got to meet another blogging Montessori mama and she is lovely as are her kids. I hope we can get together again so we can have more 'chat' time :o)
Whilst we were sat round the table I realised that all these ladies except for my Japanese neighbour I had met via the internet, I am thankful for this modern bit of daily life, I have met so many lovely people, in fact many of my friend in Japan were internet buddies first. When I think back to when I first came to Japan and had no computer, I don't know how I survived.
So, this week we have been busy cleaning out the cupboards and sorting out the decorations, Ebi-kun decorated a tree. This was easy to prepare and great for fine motor skills. I covered a polystyrene cone with green felt. Then gave him some sewing pins and a pile of sequins. He pushed the pin through the sequin and then into the cone. As it uses fine motor skills he found it tiring but did a good job. I might ask him he he wants to add more at a later date.
We then set up the 'winter forest' well, it is more of a spinny at the moment, I hope we can add more trees each year. He made the tall tree at the back last year (hmm, I made it, he decorated it)
This is the main tree, there is no 'theme' for the tree this year, which bugs me, but since we forked out for the tree, I couldn't afford to go out and buy a loads of themed decorations to put on it. 
And this, I LOVE. It might end up there all year! I wanted to hang something here last year but never got round to it. This was quite easy to do, I don't know why I didn't get round to doing it last year. I made the little birds and the 'stick' if from the florist and I used fishing line to suspend it.
Finally, these are the Christmas cushions I whipped up. I should have used different motifs on each one but I was lazy and uninspired so a set of trees it is.

Todays mission is to wrap and pack all our gifts to send home tomorrow plus a pile of things I have sold that have been cluttering up or cupboard. I'm not really feeling up for it since a certain-little-somebody was up in the night with a big nose bleed so I ended up (not) sleeping in his room but a gals gotta do what a gals gotta do....


  1. The Christmas tree is lovely and I am loving the white branch with the birdies. I must confess I was completely distracted by the fabulous curains behind the Christmas tree...the white with those huge red flowers...I'm in love!

  2. Thank you!
    It's funny you mentioned the curtains, when we got the house I had it in my head what I wanted for curtains there but couldn't find anything like it anywhere. I ended up giving in and buying these ones and at first I didn't like them so much but now I love them!

  3. I love your holiday decorations! The winter forest is so festive.

  4. So wonderful to have time together with friends like that. I do believe the blogging mama you met is from Malaysia. I visited her blog and noticed Bahasa Malaysia in her blog. I am also from Malaysia but am of Chinese and Indian parentage. Am gonna pop over to her blog and say hi to a native! Thanks!

  5. A little late but this tree is so lovely. Where did you find such a big Christmas tree in Japan? We had only a mini tree (about 90 cm) from IKEA.


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