Wednesday 10 December 2008

Penguin Counting Cards

As promised,  here are the cards I made. 

My initial plan was to use snowmen but when I stumbled across this Oh-So-Cute blog I changed my mind. Tricia-Rennea is one of those generous bloggers who give away lots of cute downloads. And she sells her cute illustrations in her shop

Anyway, it was the penguins matching game that caught my eye, Ebi-kun saw them and announced that they were kawaii. 

I thought about making the card game but 7 sets is too easy for him now so I used the penguins to make the counting cards instead. 

Then I contacted Tricia-Rennea to ask if it was OK to post them on here, and she said yes! There are two sets of cards both for reinforcing the concrete and abstract form for numbers 10-19. Download them here. 

Set 1 - cut out all the cards. 

You will also need a bowl of snowflakes, mine is silver punched ones or you could use mini pom-poms. If you only plan to use the cards once then a snowflake stamp would work well too. 

If you want to make the penguin bowl holder I'll explain below how I made it further on. 

The child takes a card, reads the number then counts the correct amount of snowflakes onto the card. 

This is the first time we did the activity and there is no control of error so when I put it on the shelf I will put out just 3 cards and the exact number of snowflakes to complete the activity. 

That way, if he has miscounted on one card he will have either too many or not enough for the last one.

  We haven't worked with the second set yet, I have just printed them out and haven't cut them up yet! 

Set two is basically the opposite of set one. 

Cut out all the pieces (the 5 penguins in red boxes on this card are not needed for this activity unless you want to make a simple activity see below). 

You need to write the correct number on the back of each card so that the child can self-check.

Ask the child to lay out the cards with the penguins on them and then to lay out the number cards, in order. Then the child then counts the penguins on the first card and finds the matching numeral and that is it, get them to match all the cards & numerals. 

When they have finished they can check by looking on the back of the penguin cards to see if their number and card match. Alternatively, you could ask the child to write the number in the box on the penguin card. They could then be stapled together and made into a mini counting book.

I printed the extra penguins in the red boxes so that it could be used as a low-level activity too, asking the child to count how many of this penguin or that penguin on the card.

I often prepare new activities when Ebi-kun is engaged with some work. I thought it would be cute to have the penguin hold the bowl of snowflakes.

I basically just cut the pieces out of construction paper and glued on all the bits. 

Then I used tape to stick the penguin to the bowl. But of course, Ebi-kun spotted what I was doing and he wanted to do it too, so I cut out another set and told him to make it himself and here is his penguin....


The penguin artwork is the property of Tricia-Rennea. These counting cards are for personal use and are not to be sold in any form, digital, printed or otherwise. 

Above the picture, it should say "download the medium-size" you could use this but for better quality pictures click on the "original" size and then download it. You should have the jpg file on your computer to print out as you like.....fingers crossed. And don't forget there are lots of bargains to be had in my Etsy shop!




  1. Oh those are so wonderful! You did a great job! I am planning another matching game, I will do more than 7 this time :)

  2. Thank you!
    I will be back to check out the new game ;o)

  3. love the apron was that an etsy buy?

  4. I made the apron myself, it had lions on the other side.

  5. I don't believe it - thank you for sending me to such a lovely site... I just had a lovely lingering interlude in a busy day!

  6. usually when you are featured you will notice views on something have gone up a ton like over 100 views in a few hours. then you can go to type in your name and see if you were in one. i was convoed by a few friend who saw mine then i went looking! good luck i hope you get there soon!

  7. hey jo! i got my winnings over the weekend, and just blogged about it last night! thank you!


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