Sunday 21 December 2008

The Robot Project

What are you doing mommy?
I am making a pattern for the stockings.
Hmm, I HAVE to make a pattern too....

That is how it started, off he went and came back with this, his robot pattern.
So, I got out my bag of felt and cut out the pattern pieces, he picked out what colour he wanted for the various parts. I sewed on all the bits (the arms and legs are double thick felt, zig-zagged over the drawn line and then cut out). Then, sewed up the whole thing, leaving space to stuff, which was done by the designer himself.
Then I sewed up the hole and hand stitched on the month and we were done.

One happy robot and one happy little boy - who has slept with robot everytime since I made him. The project took about 45 minutes start to end. Using felt made it easy and it is great for Ebi-kun to see a project go from start to finish. 
And the stockings? Still sketches in my pad!


  1. That is it! I will learn to sew this year! I am so very jealous of this great activity! Josh would love it!

    Thanks for the motivation!

  2. I LOVE that you focused on his robot idea and set the stockings aside! I try to remind myself to do that regularly - and put away my own agenda. Everyone has more fun that way!

  3. What a cute robot! I too applaud your setting your own project aside to do his - and it had a great result as well. How about putting up some of these in your shop?

  4. What a brilliant idea, Top marks. 100 percent. Thanx. From Keiths Missus Rere Huia


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