Tuesday 9 December 2008

some of the things we did yesterday

We had quite a productive day yesterday, I was trying to post this before I went to Japanese class but Blogger was having a strop and refused to load the pictures which meant I was very nearly late aghh. Blogger seems to be better now though....
Here he is working with a new hiragana puzzle
pin punching a snow flake, he didn't stick with this for very long
using tweezers to place snowflakes in the tray, this is actually quite difficult, I was surprised he stuck with it.
and the advent activity for the day was to make a wreath, I will show you a finished picture when it has dried, he used LOADS of glue, it might be dry by Christmas ;o)
he also made a penguin, read two books to my mom, did some painting, some stamping, some writing - I keep finding 'lists' of words all over the place!
I also put together a penguin counting activity, I will post about that tomorrow, so pop back for the free download.

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