Monday 15 December 2008

What Calendars?

So, hubby was having a video chat with his parents and gran on Saturday and mentioned that I had been busy making everyone's Christmas presents when his mom says 'ohh good, I am looking forward to this years calendar'. Hub and I exchange looks with panic in our eyes, gran pipes in too, 'yes, I love getting Ebi-kuns calendar'. Trouble is, this year I hadn't made any! Then, when I was relaying the story to my mom, I had the same reaction, then she added than my nana was looking forward to hers too. It seems that I accidently started a tradition a couple of year back, by making a 12 month calendar of Ebi-kuns pictures. 
Part of the reason I hadn't made them this year was that the prices had gone up dramatically at the company I usually use and partly because I thought it must be a bit boring getting the same present. Obviously not, I didn't have much time to check companies so this time I used Aldi's online service, they don't ship abroad though so my mom will have to send on the ones for the Japanese side of the family.

And, look what we got, yes our first harvest from the SFG, it is a turnip and is supposed to be round, but who cares? The spouts are doing well and we had our first frost this morning, I hope they will have a bit of a growing spurt between now and Christmas.

I have also been trying to cut down on wrapping paper this year, I have wrapped a couple of gifts but many of them have ben sent in these little cloth bags from Muji, they are just ¥50, then I tied on a ribbon - not very well, I am just not good at fancy ribbons, and a recycling-from-last-years-cards tag. I did have big plans for hand stamping the bags but that didn't happen, maybe next time!
I had to show you this, Ebi-kuns shopping list, he wrote it himself but I had to help with the spelling a bit. It says.... 
He was funny, walking round the shop, all important with his list - so cute!

When he isn't making lists he is drawing robots, this chap is one of my favourites, he is apparently a food tasting robot. I have the urge to make this into a T-shirt or something....

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  1. I am really impressed by the drawing and the handwriting. What a wonderful hand eye co-ordination for such a small child. I should have taken more pains with mine...!


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