Thursday 29 January 2009

Diverse Art ~ 5 women ~ 5 countries

My good friend Liv is having an art exhibition, here in Japan. She is an artist by profession but has taken a break whilst the kiddies are small, so this is her first showing in 4 years, also her first show in Japan.

This is one of her pre-kids pieces, it will be interesting to see how she has changed as an artist since I am sure she has changed as a person - motherhood and extended time living abroad tends to do that to ya! If you are in the area, please drop by.

The exhibition is in Chiba City. Feb 19-24. For more information check out the details here.

Our exciting news is that we might be going to Shanghai for Golden week. My brother-in-law and family are out there at the moment but might move back in the summer, so if we want to go, time is of the essence. 

Now I am off to google some easy Chinese dishes that ebi-kun and I can make together...

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  1. Looks like beautiful artwork - wish I was in the area to check it out in person... My two year old is still doing the one circle with the arms & legs come off of it. very cute. It will be insteresting to see when her people start to have separate bodies and heads.


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