Saturday 3 January 2009

Handmade Holidays Round Up

Oopsie - looks like I published this post before finishing it, sorry for anyone who is getting this twice!

Well, I managed to quite well with the handmade thing, not everything but a good chunk of it. I will have to start earlier this year so I don't get that 'stressed out, gotta get it all done by tomorrow' thing that I had going on this last time!
I am missing a few things because I forgot to take a photo before I wrapped them! I am waiting for my mom to send the photo of her glasses case* When she was here she was looking to replace the one she had which has a metal clasp to close it. We couldn't find one so I made some off-hand remark on the lines of  'I'll make you one for Christmas'. Yes, me and my big mouth - what do I know about metal clasps and how to make them into a bag? Absolutely nothing, that's what. But I found the clasp and somehow managed to make the case for her, impressing everyone back home, fingers crossed that no-one else wants one :o)

1. Doll quilt, I know nothing about quilting, so this is my bodged it along version. I actually made two, but forgot to take a photo of the second one.
2. Apron with mushroom pocket and trim.
3. snowballs, I made two sets of these and a couple of random ones, made from wool felt. There is a set left, in the sale section of my shop if you would like some!
4. Apron number 2 with flower and vintage lace trim.
5. rubber stamp for my cousin, my first stamp that I have made, be warned, I am now addicted...
6. PJ bag for daddy-ebi, hope he takes the hint...
7. blanket for ebi-kun, a quilter I am not, I bought a lovely soft blanket but it was a bit girly so I sewed a piece of pirate fabric to the back but it wasn't quite big enough so I had to add a bit to each end. It is a complete cheat but warm and snuggly and Ebi-kun loves it and that's what matters :o).
8. Felt roads and a felt mat, I planned to make more but run out of time, they were easy to do so they will be an evening project.
9. shrinky dink earrings using ebi-kuns art work, the other one had a portrait of Kirsty on it. We also made a shrinky dink key fob for daddy.
10. I didn't make this, daddy-ebi did, it is for his marble run.
11. surgeons scrubs, I kept putting this one off but it wasn't has hard as I thought it would be.
12. gingerbread man scarf/muffler, he thinks that the gingerbread man actually made this for him :o). It is just a piece of fleece doubled up with a man appliqued on top. 
13. Bee detail from apron number 3.
14. Apron number 3.
15. Chefs apron and hat, fit just right.
16. Waldorf inspired doll and quilt, made the pattern up after looking at lots of dolls.

*And finally, my mom's glasses case, which is lined with Thai silk
If you have more questions about any of these, just drop me a line!


  1. You can do anything! Let your imagination be your guide! :)

  2. Wonderful! Will you tell us more about the things in the photos? I'm very intrigued and may want to copy some of your ideas for next year :)

  3. Hey Jo!
    Happy New Year!
    What a beautiful collection! I was wondering if you mind adding a short description for the presents you made? Especially, for the blanket you made for your son. How big is it? What kind of batting did you use for it?
    Again, beautiful work!

  4. those eraser stamps are so addicting aren't they?! i was on a big kick last year with them and made some for stamping kids' tests and papers at school. may have to break out my supplies again!

    all the gifts look amazing and i'm sure the receivers loved them as well. (and i love that ebi-kun thinks the gingerbread man made that scarf! too cute!)

  5. I'd love to hear more about how you made the scrubs and the stamp. Both are very cool :) You did a great job on everything!

  6. Hi Jo

    I've just started following your blog, i love the stuff you make! noticed your comment on the waldorf doll, another blog i've followed, has a great tutorial on making them....

    thanks so much for sharing!


  7. Thank you for your lovely comments.
    Lucy, thank you for that link, she makes lovely dolls, I admit mine was a much easier version (coz I am lazy!).


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