Monday 26 January 2009

A Lovely Weekend

I hope you had a good one too. Saturday we went to a friends house to celebrate two little girls turning one, we saw a lot of friends that we haven't seen for quite a while, the kids had fun playing together and it was good to let out hair down. 
Sunday I arranged to meet a friend in Nippori to do some fabric shopping, the only problem was, when we got there most of the shops were shut, including  the place I buy my fabric from agghhhh. So, we had a wander around the neighbourhood, discovered a little Korean market the ended up back at the station. Since there was little going on in Nippori we decided to head to Shimokitazawa. I can't believe I haven't been there before, it is FAB. It is made up of lots of little streets with a great mix of shops, there were used and vintage clothes shop, antiques, nik-naks, ethnic and a good smattering of cute cafes too. The weather was lovely so we just wandered and chatted, I can't remember the last time I had a day out like that! My friend Kate is from my hometown back in the UK, although we met out here, we don't manage to get together that often but  it is always fun when we do and I don't have to think about the English I use, she understands all the slang and daft phrases :o)
We had lunch in a tiny cafe that seated about 16 people - including a tarot card reader in the corner.  Then we mooched some more, popped into a couple of small art galleries and wandered some more. It was a very inspiring day, the funniest thing we saw was this...

It is a cat cafe, so you go and have a cuppa and a piece of cake then you are given a cat to pet! Apparently they are the latest craze. I know there are doggy cafes with a similar concept or you can 'rent' a dog for an hour or two and not so far from where we live is an Italian dog restaurant, an Italian place BUT they have special chairs so that the dog can join you at the table and they have special doggy pasta and cakes. I am pretty sure that this wouldn't be allowed due to the health regulations in the UK but here, anything goes!

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  1. I would be willing to share my pup for an hour or two if I got cake in return!
    Looks like you had a lovely day anyway :)

  2. Never heard of a cat cafe before.. It sounds wonderful, though. I can just imagine taking my cat out for a bite of tea...

  3. Hilarious. Never heard of that. Sounds like you have a great day. (:

  4. LOL... that cat cafe cracks me up. It seems like the Japanese think of everything! How much is it to rent a dog or cat for an hour? I guess it is good until you get hair in your coffee. ;)


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