Thursday 22 January 2009

A Morning Of Matching

This was actually Tuesday morning but I have only just got round to posting about it. Ebi-kun seemed to have a matching thing going on, almost all the work he picked was matching one way or another. First we played a reading/writing game and the he got the 3 letter word cards out - I think these are the 'pink cards' but as you can see they are white in reality. He started off with about 10 pairs

but then, he decided he wanted to do all of them....
Then he got the human organ cards out, I got these from Mrs Riley's site, I would have liked more parts, maybe I will have to make my own.
He is really into his body parts and already knows what all these bits are, he got a 3D body puzzle for Christmas so Dr Ebi can study up!
Then after a small break of writing practice we were back to matching colour labels to their counter-part.
He is also in love with Starfall, we are in a language phase at the moment, most other work on the shelves don't even get a look in. We did do some painting yesterday and 2 hours were taken up with glitter playdoh - oh how I LOVE playdoh :O)

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  1. Wow what a great matching day. I especially LOVE the body parts. Very cool. Will have to remember them for when we get to that stage.


  2. I love your matching game idea! I think I will make some picture and word cards with my rubber stamps for my grandson. Great ideas you have! I was here entering your giveaway and love your whole blog!


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