Tuesday 13 January 2009

Thank you...

...for the teapot love! Although hubby bought it he didn't do it unassisted, I had spotted the cutie and raved on about it, there were only 2 in the shop so I was chuffed that he took the initiative and bought it! For those in Japan, it was bought from Passport, a girly zakka type of shop, I know there are a number of these stores in our area, I 'm not sure if they are nationwide.  On the bottom of the teapot it has 'Sun Art'. Sorry, that is all I know, the box has long been recycled. 

I can't seem to shift this head cold, my head feels like it is full of cotton wool and snot ughh.
We did go to a science museum at the weekend, it is next to the Urawa Reds stadium for those who are interested. It was free and had some hands on equipment which Ebi-kun enjoyed using they also had a science show, which was that rubbish it was funny, none of the experiments she was trying to demonstrate worked properly and she was totally disorganised. The museum is really better  suited for older kids, elementary age and up, I imagine it is a great resource then for kids wanting to do projects. We won't be going again in a hurry but it was a good way to kill a couple of hours.

This was the favourite, you had to turn the wheel to get the ball to the top and then it went through a series of runs, we literally had to drag him away from this!
I really need to get into 'work mode' (opposed to snuggled on the sofa with a hot cuppa, a blanket and small boy, feeling sorry for myself mode). Tomorrow I start tutoring a friends son in English, to try and get his English level up before he moves to Malaysia where he will attend international school. He is painfully shy so although I know him quite well, I have no real idea of his English ability, making planning lessons quite difficult! So my plan is to have a number of games and exercises out tomorrow so I can try and try and work out where he is and what he needs to work on. 

Today is the last day for the swap, if you want to sign up, get that email sent off quick sharp!


  1. Don't let the boys English level worry anyone too much. My 2 sons go to the big international school in KL and there are many many kids who speak little or no English. All the schools have pretty big ESL programs.

  2. Thank you for the comment, I think my friend just wants him to be more relaxed about using his English since he is so shy, she is worried that he will become even more shy if he isn't confident with his English ability.

  3. i got a 'russian' tea pot today!! i didn't find it at passport, in fact they didn't even know what i was talking about! lol but today i spotted a few at village vanguard and now i have a new teapot (my old one broke). too cute and THANKS for telling me about it!


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