Sunday 1 March 2009

2009 Postcard Swap

This will be the same as last years swap again, back by popular request, I loved this swap too because it gave us some new snack recipes to try, such as these, and these .

The idea is to send and receive 5 postcards. On the back of each postcard will be an easy to prepare snack originating or popular from the country of origin of the postcard. Therefore if you send a postcard from Mexico it should have a Mexican snack, a Russian postcard should have a Russian snack.
That is 5 cards to 5 different people.
You an use the same recipe on every card - that is the easy way or different ones on each card if you like.
If you want to send 10 cards please tell me when you sign up.

  1. The snack must match the country of the postcard (this doesn't need to be where you live and you can send different cards, not all from the same country if you like)
  2. The snack must be simple and easy enough for a child to prepare on their own or with little assistance from an adult.
  3. The ingredients should be things easily obtainable worldwide or have suggestions of alternative ingredients.
  4. Preferably healthy snacks!
  5. The swap will close March 15th, swap partners email addresses will be sent out the following couple of days, postcards must be posted by April 1st.

If you would like participate please send an email to

montessori.swapshop at gmail dot com

please put 2009 POSTCARD SNACK SWAP in the subject bar.

I also need...
  1. your name
  2. the country where your postcard/snack is from (doesn't need to be where you live)
  3. email address
I will try and mix up the partners so that you get a good mix of countries but of course it depends on where people sign up from.

Joining swaps like this is taking a leap in faith and hoping that your swap partners are honest, kind people too. I can not be held responsible for swaps that don't work but I would like to know if you have had any problems with swap partners.

So, come on, sign up....


  1. This sounds like so much fun!!!! Alright you are a MAC girl too!!!

  2. If I may make a suggestion: it might be better for you to ask the participants about the recipes they are planning to send when you are sorting them, in case two people send the same one... And I was wondering if it might not be a cooler idea to simply share all the recipes here if there are too few participants?

  3. How fun! This sounds like such a lovely swap.

  4. Last time there were over 40 people joining and I managed to mix it up so almost everyone got different countries to swap with in their group.
    It takes a good chunk of my time to sort the swap groups as it is, I don't have the time to sort through proposed recipes too, what I suggest, like the phonics swap, is that once you get your groups then discuss between yourselves which recipes to send.
    I will do a post once everyone has got their cards for people to swap recipes or links if you make the recipe and blog about it.

  5. Point taken Jo, you are right - it would definitely be easier to discuss between five!

  6. wow I just love the idea and i am glad that I am in time... count me in
    by the way i am not that a regular bloger when it comes to posting on my blog or to post comments but i am reading ur blog these days and loving it :)


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