Saturday 21 February 2009

The geometric Solids

Ebi-kun surprised me by getting these out a couple of days ago, they have been quietly collecting dust on the shelf for quite a while. We didn't actually have any cards to go with them so once he had finished with them the first time, I took some photos to make cards.

Here he has collected objects around the house to match the shapes, these are the only ones he could find. 

Here is a better shot of the cards, I started off by deleting  the white background but then I didn't like how they were 'floating'. I printed one of each version off and asked Ebi-kun for his opinion and he liked the one with the background too, so they won! If you would like a set they are available here.

Of course, when I had made the cards I hadn't got anywhere to keep them so I whipped up a pouch - another design, I am still trying to find something I am really happy with! The folded card holder that I made for dinosaurs and art cards are lovely BUT they often get picked up, upside down and all the cards fall out, I tried sewing in a flap to prevent it but it wasn't too successful. So, this is the latest version...

This one has 2 pockets, the one at the back for the card with label, the middle pocket for the cards with just the image and a small pocket at the front for the word labels, let's see how it goes...

About the emotions post, I am trying to track down the cards I made, they are around somewhere but I made them on my old laptop and I am not quite sure where hubby has filed them, I am pretty sure there are bingo cards to go with them... I will get back to you.....


  1. i wish i could whip up those sewing projects like you do! it is lovely

  2. I am constantly trying to find the best way to package 3 part cards! If you find that your beautiful creation works, can you post a tutorial? I'd thank you forever and ever!

  3. Yeah - coming up with the perfect little card holder - I wish I had that skill! I can't even get to the point of making cards yet... :)

  4. Love it! And love the ideas. thanks so much.


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