Thursday 12 March 2009

Bento Supplies Packs

If you would like to order some bento supplies you can email me at
Montessori.swapshop (at) gmail (dot) com
And I will make up a custom order for you, I do not have any of the item in stock but will pick them up when I go to do the grocery shopping.
Each pack will contain 2 egg moulds, 3 rice moulds and a selection of picks, mini forks, dividers etc. As the shop changes it's stock I can't guarantee which designs and shapes I will be able to get for you, if you have a preference, let me know and will try to fulfil it for you.
The packs are $25 including shipping to North America, Europe and Australia if you want them shipping elsewhere please let me know in your email and I will calculate the shipping for you.

If you want to direct someone or want to find this post again, I have put a button in the sidebar on the left.

I will invoice you via Paypal so when you email me please give me your Paypal email address.


  1. Do you make bentos everyday? = )

  2. no! but we often have muffin tin dinners or Ebi-kun will ask for a bento for lunch - even though we are at home, must be more exciting to have dinner in a bento box LOL.

  3. When you have muffin tin dinners, do you and your husband eat them too?

  4. not as yet but Ebi-kun was insisting that I made daddy-ebi one for his dinner the other night, I managed to fob him off, it is just a matter of time though...

    During the week Ebi-kun has dinner ta 5ish, I eat around 7.30pm and the daddy-ebi eats when he gets in - any time from 8.30pm - 11.30pm. It is a right pain but at least we all sit down and have breakfast together.

  5. I've just given you the Kreativ Blogger award! See it here:
    I really love reading about all the fun and interesting things you show on your blog.

  6. Oh my gosh..I have no idea what muffin tin dinners are... brb I have to google that.. lol


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