Thursday 5 March 2009

I'm Back!

We have had a lovely couple of days, nice and relaxing and chilling out with the family. So a quick re-cap. Last weekend we were supposed to go t a friends birthday party but Ebi-kun was really tired and grumpy and the party didn't start until 3pm so he went for a nap but didn't wake until 4pm and it takes over an hour to get to our friends house so I decided we would have to miss it. Of course Ebi-kun was upset so we had our own teddy bears picnic instead, he wrote invitations for 5 of his 'friends' and we set up a picnic in the living room.

He was a much happier chappy then :o)
Monday lunch time my aunt, uncle and cousin arrived. Their other daughter is the cousin that is over here on JET so Ebi-kun knows her really well but can't really remember the rest of the family. Tuesday, daddy ebi had the take off work so we went into Tokyo, our original plan was to have okonomiyaki at the top of a tall building in Ebisu but it was a really cloudy day so we kicked that into touch, so we wandered round Shibuya trying to find an okonomiyaki shop. We did go and say hello to Hachiko of course, he is famous in Japan!

My uncle is a head chef on an oil rig and okonomiyaki was the only food he had requested. Luckily we found one and it was delicious, we often make it at home but this was the first time Ebi-kun had been to an okonomiyaki shop, before he was born, daddy-ebi and I had gone for lunch and saw a small boy, about 2 years old put his hand on the hot plate, it was horrible, for that reason I have always been too nervous to take Ebi-kun. He was very good though, stayed well away from the table and played with his cars whilst it was cooking.
After lunch we went for a wander around Harajuku, this always seems to be the number one spot that visitors enjoy in Tokyo. We only had the one day and a little one to drag with us, not the best way to do sight seeing in such a big city.
Ebi-kun kept Auntie Jan amused with his antics and for a woman who doesn't really like kids I think she was quite smitten :o) Ebi-kun didn't take so well to Uncle Dave, he really wasn't sure about him but came round in the end and even held his hand, Ellie he loved because he knew she had some chocolate LOL.  It was lovely in the evening and just sit and chat, most evening, especially through the week I am on my own, Ebi-kun is in bed by 7.30pm and daddy ebi often doesn't get in until 9pm, it is 10pm once he has had a bath and eaten and he sits down. So it was sad to see them go, ebi-kun wanted Auntie Jan to stay, as his new best friend.

Do you know the blog Melly and Me? A sister team who produce the cutest patterns and softies, well they had a giveaway for their new pattern and I won! How lucky I am, look how cool she is, it has made my inner goth very happy  (are goths allowed to be happy?)
Taking a break has really helped my wrist, although it is not 100% yet, I am itching to get back to it.


  1. That's so cool! th goth!

    Our Ikea cups have been turned into vases today. Little Guy has picked every last one of the new daisies I planted a couple of weeks ago!

    Biggie loved tea parties I hope Little will soon.

  2. :) good to have you back so we can read!
    Nice pics, I love how Ebi-Kun flashes the 'v' sign in two of them!


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