Thursday 26 March 2009

spring addition

I totally stole this idea from Shannon, thank you! 
I cut out 10 eggs, bunnies and flowers but only managed 5 chicks, by that time I was fed up of cutting and hadn't even tackled the numbers but then I had a genius moment. I decided to print out the numbers and then stick the paper to sticky backed felt, I happened to have some left over from the sandpaper letters, so the letters stick to the felt board but without all that painful cutting out (I hate cutting out!). 
Ebi-kun really enjoyed doing this and set himself several sums. This is one of those projects which would be easy to change for the season, you could also do it for children just starting to learn their numbers, basic counting or matching the objects with the numeral activity.
Here is the template I made, click on the image and then print it out.


  1. that's very good Jo
    it is better to do felt rather than cheap plastic;(
    felt can be use also for imaginative stories my daughter can be longs moments just to create stories with felt characters... it's always start with "once upon a time" and I smile as soon as I hear this;)

  2. Hi! this is my first comment..Such great idea! least it keeps
    the items in place. Going to do one too! What kind of hard board should i use?

  3. thank you for your comments. The board is from a felt pack that my mom bought him but it is basically a piece of strong cardboard covered in felt, it would be easy to make!


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