Wednesday 8 April 2009

Egg Decorating - part one

This is how we decorated the eggs for our playgroup egg hunt last year and the year before, it is a nice easy, fun project for little ones to do - and done over the sink so there is minimal clean up - always a plus :o)

What you will need...
hard boiled eggs - preferably white
food colouring
toilet roll middles cut to make egg holders
pastry brush or similar
white vinegar
dropper for the food colour
small towel/cloth - not shown
First, place and egg in the colander and pint it with vinegar, this helps the colour stick.
Dab it dry with the cloth
Rinse the colander and put the egg back in. Drop some food colour onto it, do one colour at a time. We did yellow first, by trial and error we found doing the lighter colours first worked best. Then spin the egg around in the colander. Rinse the colander again before adding a new colour.
Add another colour and...
whizzzzzzz around and around weeeeeeee
When you are satisfied with the result, pop it onto the toilet roll holder to dry. We used yellow red and blue but as you can see all the eggs came out different.
more egg decorating ideas to this space!

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