Friday 3 April 2009


I introduced more extensions yesterday, we have done this lid matching before, a long time ago, once he had done it I upped the ante...

...and introduced the blindfold, I was surprised he even attempted this as he hates wearing the blindfold and is useless at keeping his eyes closed. Any of the Montessori activities than involve keeping your eyes shut just don't get done. He did manage to do 3 of the jars though.
Then we got the colour tablets out, these haven't been out for a while and last time he tried to do the sun he got really frustrated, this time he whizzed through it without any problems.

Then I showed him the pictures in my manual of other shapes to make and asked him if he wanted to try one, of course he decides he wants to do a difficult one, so I had to help him quite a bit with this. If you want a set of these cards you can download them here. And yes, he is wearing the blindfold like a bra - he said it was a chest guard!
He also got out Monti The Snake who usually lives on the top bunk of the bed. He has trouble with the hook and eye and the ribbon tying but he has mastered the rest.

Well, my cousin is coming to visit this weekend, I have 2 more zabuton covers to finish - I am hoping she will distract Ebi-kun long enough for me to finish them :o) I also have a pair of yoga pants cut out, ready to sew but I have never really sewn with stretch fabric before so heaven knows what they will turn out like - at least the fabric cost me next to nothing so I won't feel too bad if I mess it up! The weather looks good, hope it holds for the weekend so we can go for a hanami party/picnic (cherry blossom viewing)...fingers crossed.


  1. I enjoyed this post. I really like the lids and jars with the blindfold. I think we will have to try that one!

  2. ooo... knits are easy!! once you start though be aware that you might not stop! you just have to get the hang of the tension (depending on what machine/stitch you are using). remember to try out the fabric before sewing the pants so you can get everything ready... way less frustration!

  3. Very interesting... I really like the lid exercise, we'll try that. And the color shapes... I bet I could get a whole lot of paint tester colors to do this with... thanks for sharing.


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