Monday 13 April 2009

Happy Easter

So, Saturday was a beautiful day so I looked for Ebi-kun's sun hat but couldn't find it anywhere, Saturday he had to do without but because I knew we would be out in the sun again the next day I decided to make him a new one. We had to drop by the craft store for needles for my machine so I had a look at the patterns while I was at it. I found a book of boys clothes and with the help of my assistant, erm I mean husband, we asked what we needed. I had fabric in my stash so we just picked up suitable interfacing. Hubby, kinda translated the pattern, so between us we came up with this... kinda cute :o)

After breakfast Ebi-kun did egg hunt #1. I hid paper eggs around the house, with written clues on them, last year I drew pictures. He loved doing this and was tearing round the hose to find the next clue.

Probably because he knew there was a big chocolate egg at the end. I made it myself, we can't buy big eggs here so I used a plastic contained that had tofu in it. It has worked great the last 2 years but this year the egg cracked as I took it out of the mould, so it was more of a pre-historic, dino type of egg!

Of course, I made a special Easter bento :o) I love the little tomato basket with eggs in it, something I saw in a Japanese bento book when I was cruising through the book store the other day.

We had a great turn out at the playgroup egg hunt. I counted 22 kids and babies. This year the older kids remembered what to do, so they were all hyped up about it. At the park there is a squirrel enclosure, so the kids and half the adults go to see the squirrels whilst the rest of us hide the eggs in a small wooded area. I can't imagine what all the Japanese people were thinking (the ones not with our group) a load of kids with rabbit ears and baskets, scrabbling around to find neon coloured eggs!

I think next year we will have to hide them a bit better.

Ebi-kun did well this year, he managed to find 9. All the kids had bought 10 eggs each and there were some really pretty ones. I should have taken a photo!

After all the excitement of the egg hunt, the lads got together for a game of football and the girls were happy skipping, it was a fun day and there were a lot of tired kids (and parents) by the time we left.


  1. What a cute bento! I really need to start putting more creativity into mine.

  2. I Love love love your blog! I nominated you for a blog award today on my bilingual blog. Come on over and check it out! :)

  3. Looks like lots of fun. The egg bunny in the bento is so cute. How did you make it?

  4. thank you!
    Sarah - used an egg mould to make the bunny egg, I bought it ages ago and haven't seen the bunny ones since :o(


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