Friday 17 April 2009


It is that time of year when we have loads of birthdays, April and May are birthday months for so many of may friends and family, needless to say I have been busy making. I can't show you everything yet just in case the birthday girl or boy drops by. 
At the picnic the other day I started some felt food, I got a bit carried away and ended up with...
Pita pocket filled with lettuce, cheese, ham and egg
a doughnut and strawberries
and sausage, bacon and egg. YUM.
Apart from birthday pressies I have been working on the quilt. Katy has been a big help. Here is is all pieced and pinned together, I have drawn the quilting lines on it but they didn't show up, in fact, I discovered that the yellow didn't show up very well at all and had to go over it again in blue. I am quilting circles on it, there are 65 in all, I calculated that I need to quilt 7 a day so that I have enough time to bind it and wash it before we go camping. I recounted last night, I have 45  more to do...


  1. beautiful felt food! they look yummy like the real thing! i can't wait to see your finished quilt too!

  2. The food is so cute. Is it easy to make?

  3. Yipeeee!!! Looks great. You are totally kicking butt on the quilting. way to go!

  4. That looks so yummy! I want a pita! :)


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