Thursday 30 April 2009

Pictures are worth a thousand words...

Yesterday I had a day off (from being a mommy) and headed into Shimokitazawa with a friend and much giggling was done.....

the latest fashion trend?
need to be worn with cow shoes
and if you need to get your hair done, there are loads of places to pick from...
which one would you go to?

of course there are plenty of doggy clothes shops and cat cafes, even doggy opticians!
everyone is catered for here, even the poor street kids
but what created the biggest giggle were this couple out walking their dogs, in matching strollers, but what was even funnier was that....
they were double decker doggy strollers and there were more dogs underneath
I love Japan. 
I have nothing else to add!


  1. I love your pictures. They always bring a smile to my face and make me miss Japan.

  2. i love those cow shoes! and i choose GUTS as my hair salon!! LOL

  3. omg! hilarious! total crack-up.

  4. So funny!! Always wondered what it must be like for you to live in a collectivistic culture having come from one that is not. I, on the other hand, am living the opposite and still on a learning curve. Interesting for sure!

  5. You know I love this post.. I wonder if she was from a pet hotel taking them for their daily walk-- I have to admit I have one of those slings for my dogs.. but a stroller.... have not gone that far yet.

  6. Just as funny as the "Hair Cook Shop" in Iidabashi.

  7. ha ha i love this post ive had to stifle my laughing so i dont wake little man up! ha ha

  8. Crazy!
    We're off to Tokyo next month!! I'm so excited but really don't know where we'll stay yet or what the must-do things with Kids are and was wondering if you could give me any tips :)

    Hope you don't mind!

  9. Hi Amber - will you be here in June? I'd love to meet up but we are off to the UK for the whole of June.
    Places to go... you MUST go here
    and this museum is great too
    this place is good to kill a few hours and it is free, they usually have all kinds of events on
    if you are totoro fans then it is worth a trip to here
    June is rainy season so have some indoor back up plans just in case!
    any other questions? you know where I am!

  10. Thanks so much!! I'm opening all of those links right now!

    Do you think that it would be okay for kids to stay at a traditional style hotel / ryokan? I would much prefer that over spending all of our time in western-style rooms.

    I'm sure I'll have more Q's over the next few weeks :)

  11. For sure! stay in a ryokan, much better idea. The room is usually bigger than a western room and the futons are rolled up when not in use so there is plenty of 'play' space. Plus you don't have to worry about the kids falling out of a strange bed :o)


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