Sunday 24 May 2009

Hanging out with the rock stars

It has been a full on week, hence the lack of posts, sorry. The in-laws were supposed to come up this weekend so I spent far too much time deep cleaning the house only for them to cancel due to the swine flu scare - at least the house is nice and clean! Tuesday I get a message form an old friend to say he will be Tokyo for a few days, he is the tour manager with The Enemy and they were playing in Shibuya Thursday night. Of course Ziggy put me on the guest list but by the time I find out I couldn't organise a baby-sitter for Ebi-kun, I was sorely tempted to just take him with me! So instead I arrange to meet up with Zig the following morning.
So we went for ice-cream, dragged him into a prikura machine. Prikura is like a fancy photo booth, this one had a green screen and you can pick the background then when the photos are done you can use a computer to add text and stamps, very silly but a lot of fun!

After that the boys fought it out on the taiko machine then we had a wander and headed back to the hotel.

The band had some promo work to do, so we hung out in the lobby waiting for them to get their act together, Ebi-kun refused to leave until he met them. They came over as lovely lads, just like some blokes you'd meet down the pub!

And here he is with the band, I think he was a bit disappointed because he was expecting them to sing :o). It was a short visit, I haven't seen Ziggy for about 11 years so we were trying to catch up in about 3 hours, they should all be back for Summer Sonic in August so hopefully we will get a chance to catch up again and maybe I can convince Ziggy to have a wee drink, it is hard to believe he was on banana ice-cream and vodka-free coke! (Anyone who knows Zig will think I am making this up!)

And of course, we couldn't leave Shibuya without a silly picture, this is one of my favourite signs ever, BBQ tanning centre, doesn't it make you want to go?

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