Monday, 11 May 2009

oh nuts...

and bolts.

I asked daddy-ebi to pick up some nuts and bolts from work, all different sizes, he came back with a nice bag full but they were very oily. So the first part of this work, Ebi-kun used and old toothbrush and scrubbed all the pieces, then he left them out to dry. When they were done, I showed him how to put the separate pieces in the tray, mix them up and then try and find the match, he really enjoyed doing it.
Once he had finished he insisted that the rules was you have to line them up in order! I am thinking of making a little bench or something to extend the activity and get the use of a spanner in there. Ebi-kun asked if he needed to use a screwdriver, so I said no, you use a spanner with nuts and bolts, to which he said, Oh yes, the one like a stag beetle (waves his arms to look like a stag beetle) - sometimes I wonder how his brain works!
I now have this work on the shelf but have the nuts in one dish and the bolts in another.

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  1. Fun! I was just thinking about adding an activity like this to O's shelf :)


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