Thursday 28 May 2009

The Red Rods

So, the other day, I packed up some of the Montessori equipment so I could convert the room into a guest room, well the in-laws decided not to come after all so I then had to un-pack the guest room and got Ebi-kun to put away the equipment. 
He suddenly decided he wanted to get the red rods out, this is maybe the third or forth time he has ever got them out so I was really surprised. He needed some help to make the maze (since it was such a long time since he last made it!). After doing it a  couple of time, I gave him a small bell to walk with  - the idea being that he gets to the middle without making the bell ring.
He decided that was too easy and disappeared off, he came back with a marble and spoon.....


  1. I just read some of your previous posts and I really marvel at your organizational skills!

  2. A cool combination of materials is to see which of the geometric solids will roll through the maze and how easily. It's a very popular work in our classroom!

  3. what a great idea - we will have to try that next time.

  4. I'm doing the same exercise in my classroom! You reminded me now, I could post about my red rods exercises (basic and additional). I'll try to post about it this weekend or next week.
    Thanks :-)


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