Thursday 18 June 2009

Ball matching

These sensory balls are easy to make and you can get little one to help you!

What you need:

4 red balloons
4 blue balloons
small jug
things for filling the balls, we used salt, rice, tiny pasta hoops and flour
baking sheet (for easy clean up)

We started of measuring how much of each item we were going to use but then we realized that it didn't matter because the balloon would one take a certain amount anyway. 

1. Blow up the red balloon then let it down again, pull the end over the bottom of the funnel.
2. Pour your  first filling in through the funnel, do this over the baking sheet so it will catch any spills.
3. Carefully remove the balloon and tie the end.
4. Repeat with the blue balloon with the same filling.
5. draw a small shape on the matching pairs to act as a control of error.

Presenting the work:

Take out a mat and then the basket with the sensory balls in it and an eye mask.
Place all the balls on the mat and put on the blindfold.
Pick up a ball then work through the rest until you find a match, when you have got a match put the pair to one side.
Continue until all the balls are matched.

Remove the eye mask, you can tell if you make any big mistakes because the balls should be in blue/red pairs. Double check that they are all correct by checking the little shapes you drew on them.

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  1. What a great idea. I'm going to try this. Thanks

  2. I had actually considered doing something similar with bean bags, but this looks like it would work so much better. Thanks for the tute! I will be making this soon!

  3. Adding this to my list of things to make.


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