Thursday 9 July 2009


My younger brother lives just outside Barcelona, so when I was in the UK we managed to pick up some cheap ticket with Easyjet so we could go and visit for a few days. We had 4 full days there and it was great, it is the first time I have been and I would love to go back with more time to spare. When I go on holiday I never do the organised tours, I like to do it all myself but this time I had to sit back and let Daniel and Yani (his girlfriend) take control. The first day we wandered into town then went for a paddle in the sea followed by a lovely leisurely lunch, a nice relaxing day.
The following two days we took a city tour bus, I am missing most of my photos from the first day but we went to the Gaudi park which is lovely, I am sure we only saw a tiny part of it though then after lunch we took two trams to get to the top of the city, great views and there was a theme park up there so Ebi-kun was happy to try out a couple of rides. The next day we went down Las Rambla which was fantasitc, Ebi-kun absolutely loved the street artists - well, I think with some it was a bit of a love-hate relationship, especially the guy with the severed head, it cost us a small fortune but well worth it. Then we popped into the fairy forest pub for a quick drink, so cute! It is all done out with trees and a wishing well, I loved it in there. After a Tapas lunch we took the bus again which is when Ebi-kun crashed out so we ended up doing a full loop of the town and got off the same place we got on! This was OK with Ebi-kun because he wanted to walk back up the Rambla!
The last day we spent relaxing on the beach, I am not a beach person at all so I was quite happy to dump Ebi-kun on my mom and Daniel. Ebi-kun loves going in the sea but hates water splashed on his face so one minute he would be all smiles and the next close to tears, he was getting better nearer the end of the day.
Our flight was early the next morning, so that was it. I had hoped to pick up a pair of these shoes whilst I was there but the day we were actually in town was a national holiday and of course all the regular shops were closed. I know of a shop here that sells them, but at the double the price, so maybe not.

I have got a couple of projects in the works but I am finding it really hard to get motivated at the moment, I reckon it is this awful weather. Todays mission is to sort out our old clothes...

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